This one-dollar bet has yielded insanely massive returns

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At the conclusion of each first scoops class, I offer up the following deal to each scooper in attendance. To date, the return on investment has yielded massive returns. 

Interested in learning more?  Yes. 

Okay, here’s the deal. This is how the deal goes down.

First, I look them straight in the eyes and proceed to state the offer. 

“If I let you walk out of today’s class with that soft pink ball, do you promise you will practice your Paddy cakes and Mr. Knuckles a few times before next week’s class?

In a feeble attempt to mask my excitement, I drop my voice a few notches and ask, ‘So do we have a deal?

They all agree. Always. Barely able to contain their enthusiasm. 

With momentum on my side, I quickly seize the opportunity to lay out the terms to the soon-to-be proud owners of a soft, pink ball. 

“If you make this deal, but choose not to put the effort in, Coach will, unfortunately, have to ask for that ball back.”

At this point, feeling slightly anxious that the reality of the stated terms will generate perhaps new breeds who may decide to ‘pass’ on the deal.

My eyes still locked on theirs, I extend my right hand out and ask each of them to shake on it. I smile at each and every one of them with a look that could be best described as proud and eager.

Occasionally, I will be met by a scooper who has wandering eyes and/or a wet noodle for a handshake. When this occurs, my desire to enlighten with laughter kicks in. “Always look them in the eyes because that’s what good pupils do.” 

Now that I have them hooked, I kindly inform them , I’m going to make your parents aware of the blockbuster deal that just went down. With serious enthusiasm, I proudly announce the deal to the parents, then ask the kids what happens if they don’t practice. In unison, they shout, “coach will take the ball back.”. 

I’d bet that I’ve probably dealt something like 1,700 soft pink lacrosse balls over the last 20 months. And while I am not entirely certain of the specific number of balls given out, I am 100%  positive on the number of balls I’ve collected back. That number is zero. Backed by the hundreds upon hundreds of insanely awesome emails and text messages I have been privileged to receive that contain videos, images of those very same scoopers outside practicing their Paddy cakes and Mr. Knuckles. 

The pride contained in those notes sent to me by parents is only exceeded by the pride displayed when the scoopers show up for the next class, thrilled to demonstrate their week’s efforts. 

Unfortunately, their efforts during the week will not result to any scholarship offers for a Division One program, they will, however, lead to one of life’s most important lessons: success is dependent on effort.

The pink ball handed out costs roughly $1. The return on that investment has already yielded massive returns that will continue to generate for a lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to read a lacrosse coaches perspective. 


Coach Bels

Matt BelsonComment