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Q. Does my kid need pads for scoops?

A. No. We recommend you bring your own sneakers/cleats and stick though. Scoops also always has plenty of extra sticks.

Q. What about bad weather?

A. In the case of poor weather, Coach Belson will make a judgement call on the day of the session to decide whether or not it’s cancelled. Always assume the session is on unless you hear otherwise.

Q. What if i miss a class, can i make it up?

A. Yes, if you miss a class or something comes up, and your schedule does not permit, you can always come to other sessions at any of our locations. 

Q. Do you split kids on age and Skill?

A. We do. We want every kid to be comfortable with kids in their age group and skill level.

Q. What is the coach to kid ratio?

A. The coach to kid ratio we strive for is 7/8 Scoopers to 1 coach.

Q. Are parents welcome to attend?

A. Yes parents are welcome. Feel free to bring your stick and get involved and show your kids a good time!

Q. who will be coaching my child??

A. A senior coach like Coach Danny or Coach Bels along with trained college and high school students will run sessions.

Q. are there any discounts for siblings?

A. Family discount of 15% off the 2nd Scooper for any family who is registering multiple kids for a Scoops Spring Clinic. Please use the code: Siblingscoops

Q. Does Scoops offer refunds?

A. Scoops focuses on the kids experience. i.e. enjoying themselves to the highest degree. That being said, if a Scooper expresses discontent after a few classes, we are willing to issue a refund.