I know that kid because I am that kid

I can’t ever remember teaching a Scoops class where there hasn’t been at least 1 and most likely 2 kids who seem more interested in disruption then scooping. They all are almost always boys around ages 5 and 6. They routinely choose to distract rather than listen. They prefer to entertain, ridicule, and create more than they like to demonstrate. Their actions are seen as disturbances by some. They are often labeled troublemakers. They are me.

I understand this group of characters as I was and to some degree still am that character. The benefit of having an in depth knowledge of their workings I suppose is that I’m able to provide them what they need most and get least. Praise. You see, their subpar comedic efforts for attention are purely a disguise for their real desire for true approbation.

Knowing this, I will ask the lad to do a drill and once they have done it, I lavish them with praise. When the player realizes they have done the request properly, they begin to feel a sense of accomplishment overtake them. This feeling of accomplishment comes lined with 100% positivity and approval. It is this approval that ultimately overthrows the outbursts and disturbances. For the Scooper has now unlocked a whole new, much more healthy and potent level of interest. One that is earned and rewarding. One that can be shared with the people he cares for the most, his family and friends. This new-found interest is both healthy and should be encouraged. For there is nothing more enjoyable then when you, yourself earn something.

As the years have passed. I’ve learned that we do not choose who we are but rather the clarity comes when we choose to accept who we are.

For those who find themselves dealing with outlaws, I challenge you to take an alternative approach that is filled with praise and positivity.

Thank you for taking the time to read a disruptive coach’s perspective.

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